Complimentary 30-minute Consultation:

{ for first-time clients }

Over the phone or in the office


Couple Session:

50 minutes for $90  /  extended 80-minute session for $125

Individual Session:

50 mins for $75 / extended 80 minutes for $112

Relationships are a part of our everyday lives -- friends, families, significant others, even ourselves. Sometimes those relationships need some improvement, and sometimes we do not know where to begin.


If you feel that a relationship is not quite where you would like it to be, don't throw in the towel just yet. Come and learn how to make that relationship what you want it to be. We can explore different ways of communicating, build and maintain positive intentions, and even change the ways that we behave with each other.

Each relationship has its unique challenges and strengths. Taking an objective look at your relationship can jump start the want to reduce dysfunctional behaviors, feel that you can openly share your emotions, communicate more effectively, and emphasize what is already working.

Counseling and education can help to enact positive changes in our lives. With these tools, we can focus on altering the ways our relationships are understood and implement new ways in which to improve those relationships.

My belief is that life is a past, present, and future experience. We learn, we discover, we experience. It is a continuous story. My want is to pass what I have learned from my relationships on to others. Come and share your own story.

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