services :

Individuals / Couples

What Do

You Want

To Talk About?

What's On

Your Mind?

Topic Possibilities:

- relationship stuff

- pre-marital stuff

- individual stuff

- substance abuse

- financial mindset

- self-esteem issues

- depression/anxiety

- weight-loss mindset

- self-improvement

Services / Fees

For Individuals and Couples

Feeling like you are needing some guidance

or new insights on an issue?

Are you in a situation that can't quite be solved

by talking to friends or family?

Looking to make positive changes in your life?

And looking for a dependable and judgment-free place to share all of these thoughts and feelings?


Let's try to clarify the answers you are looking for together!

By using a blend of counseling and coaching techniques, we can work to solve your puzzle and help find your best solutions.


If you decide to work with your significant other, you can explore how to renew your relationship, improve your communication with each other, and better understand each other's wants and needs.

*All sessions are provided online*

Options Available:

Monthly Package, including 4 one-hour sessions - $170

( no contract / to be used within a 30-day period )

Single One-hour Session - $50

Payments accepted:

Credit Card